Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My friend, Georgette

May 6, 2011

Samoan’s keep asking “Ua iai se uo?” which means literally means, “Do you have a friend (now)?” When a young man says this to a young girl, this means “How about me (now)? Let’s hop to it!” When said to an older white man, it means, “Do you have a Samoan (woman) living with you (now)”. If I reply no, they want to know, “Why not? What’s wrong with Samoan women or worse yet, you?”

Well, I do have a female Samoan living with me. Her name is Georgette. She comes out every evening at dusk and eats the bugs off the floor, walls, and ceiling. What more can a man ask of a uo?

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Teri said...

I really like your Samoan female roommate, Dad. In fact, I find Georgette to be pretty cute. Not only is she good looking but it sounds like she also earns her keep.