Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Fia Fia in Manunu

June 18, 2007

A Fia Fia (Happy Time) can best be compared to a country hoedown, but very different. It was held for us by the village church in an open fale, building without walls, only to discover that we were the entertainment for the entire village.

We were kind of told to learn how to some Samoan dances which many of us took halfheartedly. Mary and I did try to learn before departing.

At the Fia Fia a Samoan rock band played a cross between ska, rock & roll, and some other beat. Whatever, the music is very danceable. Samoans really don’t have many dance steps other than standing in place and moving your feet to the beat. Some hip and hand motions are thrown in for variety. Certainly nothing we couldn’t handle.

Upon entering the dance fale, I was asked by one of the older ladies to dance. As the night wore on, little children came up to me, and lead me to their mother to dance. I must say dancing with a mother while her little girl clung to her dress was a new experience for me. Other Peace Corps members I am sure have their own tales to tell. I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

Peace Corps Group 78

Mary (Malia) Shuraleff
Nick (Niko) Shuraleff

Shane (Sani)Twilla

Safiya (Safiya) Mitchell

Mark (Maleko) Miller
Katlin (Cate) Everett
Justin (Usi) Newnum

Jacob (Ikopo) Burney
Hannah (Ana) Goldman
Erin (Lini) Jenkins
Donna (Tona) Barr
Crystal (Lisi) Ochoa
Christian (Keli) Heath


Teri said...

LOVE all the men in their lava lavas! The women too, but the men look positively native!!

Teri said...

So your Samoan names are Malia & Niko. Very nice...