Tuesday, July 3, 2007

First Samoan Language Test

June 23, 2007

Mary and I passed our first test in the Samoan language. We had to make a presentation in Samoan using visuals to describe our Samoan host family. For us it was a great achievement, and even a greater relief to get over it.

For many of the Peace Corps Volunteers, this past week has been very stressful and trying. Our language classes and homework assignments seem endless. Combine
language with adjusting to village life, a new host family, their food, and living 24/7 in the Samoan heat, you may get some idea of what this past week was like.

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Teri said...

Dad & Mary,
A big CONGRATULATIONS on passing your first Samoan language test!! What an accomplishment. I can hardly imagine the work that must be required to learn a completely new and unfamiliar language as an adult.

I'm so proud of you both!