Sunday, July 29, 2007

Manunu Softball Game

July 7, 2007

The afternoon after returning from our Independent Travel Experience, we had a softball game with the village of Manunu. I mean the entire village; young, old, male, female, whole or crippled. It was the first time anyone could remember the whole village participated in anything.

You might think, we Americans would have a distinct advantage over Samoans. Wrong. Even though they don’t play softball, they sure know how to play cricket. The villagers snagged fly balls, threw the ball, and hit the ball out of sight. We were awe struck.

The three teams, Pigs (Pua’a), Cows (Povi), and chickens (Moe) each played one another in a round robin of three innings each in the hot afternoon sun. The score was kept on a large marker board and the rules were kept flexible. Gloves, bats, and balls were provided by the U. S. Government (Peace Corps), as well as, ice cream and cookies. After wards, we all retreated to the river for a cool swim.

Cate at the Plate

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