Monday, July 30, 2007

Peace Corps Staff, Samoa

July 27, 2007

Peace Corps Samoa is headed by our Country Director, Kim Frola. She is a former Peace Corps Volunteer, Nepal, who leaves her post this February after serving the mandatory period. She has been in Samoa for about seven years and is married to a Nepalese whom she met while serving.

Kim Frola

The Training Department is headed by Henry Tamasese with Samoan language instructors; Sau Faleseu Pita, Leata Lima, Onofia Simone, and Setu Timoteo. An American, Kevin Petrini, does the Technical/Project Related training. Training for the Peace Corps in the South Pacific is headed by Jim Russell, who is off iced in Fiji.

Henry Tamasese

Sau Faleseu Pita

Leata Lima

Onofia Simone

Setu Timoteo

Kevin Petrini

The Medical Officer is Teuilla Pati, a New Zeeland trained nurse. She has authority to refer more serious medical problems to local doctors or the medivac patients to Hawaii if necessary.

Teuilla Pati

Safety and Security is headed by Fono Levi.

Fono Levi

The head of our Village Based Development Program, once we are finished with training, is Jacqueline Geier. Jackie is married with children and is a former AFS exchange student to Ecuador, and a former Peace Corps Volunteer.

Jacqueline Geier

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