Friday, January 18, 2008

Making Chicken Soup


Usually when Mary cooks, our little kitchen is filled with children who seem to want to help and are curious about her strange cooking methods. But, there are other reasons.

While making chicken soup, Mary removed the skin and fat from the cooked meat, then put them into the garbage along with the peelings. A twenty-year-old girl from our host family living behind us watched in disbelief at Mary’s actions. She asked if she could have the skin and fat to eat. Mary was visibly shaken by this request and bothered by other children vying for our garbage.

It is hard to determine whether these actions are from hunger, a feeling we are wasteful, or are a special treat. Preparing an American style meal is becoming an act of consciousness as eyes watch our every move. We feel we are being judged, wondering how we are perceived. It makes even having chicken soup with carrots and potatoes a chore.

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Barb Carusillo said...

Having kids observe every movement would get a little wearing, especially if one feels they are continuously being judged. Having little privacy must be an aquired skill, one that many of us here in the states haven't really neede to develop.