Wednesday, November 5, 2008



Halloween is my favorite time of the year. Maybe it gives others and me a chance to legitimately delve into the phantasmagoric without being labeled a kook or having to see a shrink. It is a time to act out your imaginary self, at times revealing your alter ego or simply the fact you can be whimsical. Being a product of Detroit, Halloween for the rest of world seems weird without the mischief and criminal behavior occurring on “Devil’s Night”, the night before Halloween, or saying “Help the Poor” when asking for candy, rather than the tamer “Trick or Treat”. Thank goodness we Peace Corps from America and that most American institution, McDonalds, have started to infuse this island paradise with the joy of Halloween.

Below is a Brief Story of Peace Corps Halloween 2008:

Half the fun of Halloween is deciding who you are going to be and the preparations entailed. Here Hannah Goldman, Erin Jenkins, John Klieve, Roselinda Wong (seated), and a leg are in the early stages of metamorphosis.
Me in my own handmade costume as a Helianthus annuus.

Romanian Gypsy Wench Lady, Hannah Siemering.

One of the Black Pearl’s crew, John Klieve.

Celopatra, Bridgett, a visiting veterinarian from Britain

Moving to McDonalds where free ice cream, hamburgers, costumes, and a political cause supporting the McDonald’s co-owner, Joe, who is under house arrest in the U.S. charged with falsifying his passport. I happen to know the Joe’s brother and the other co-owner, Richard, but their story is not for this blog. As a side note, I won 2nd place in he costume contest. I left before I could learn about the prize.
Sarah Palin, Erin Jenkins, on the campaign trail.

Aladdin, Christian Heath, then whisking us on his magic carpet to the Apia Night Club, Zodiac, where a party for all volunteers on Samoa, mainly Peace Corps, Australians, New Zealanders, and Japanese.

Da Ref, Shane Twilla, making sure of limited foul play.

Samoan Beauty, Hannah Goldman.

Mike Tyson, Jacob Burney, Brian Urlacher, Ben Griffin, with a groupie.

Weird Bloody Thing, David Reeves, with his wife, a most fertile Angelina Jolie, Sara Reeves.

An Australian spy posing as, You Know Who.

Angel, Sally Briggs; Free Box Merchant, Dylan Ryder; Brian Urlacher, Ben Griffin; Janet Jackson as herself; and Cowpoke, Jim Metz.

Janet Jackson, always wanting to get into the act, with a flower.


Barb Carusillo said...

Priceless pictures! Looks like a good time was had by all at this party. You were a dead ringer for your takes a real man to dress up as a Helanthus annuus, that is for sure.

Teri said...

You make a most beautiful sunflower, Dad! Your costume making skills are impressive. Glad to see you had a fun Samoan Halloween. Norm the Bug made an appearance at our house and spent the evening on the porch giving out candy.
Love you,