Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Five Tibetans


The Five Tibetans is a yoga exercise system also known as “The Five Rites of Rejuvenation”. Ben Harding of my Group 78 introduced the system to me. I periodically incorporate these exercises into my morning routine for fear that daily use could over rejuvenate me. Yoga terms like The Chakros, Kundalini, and paranayam creep into my brain. I wonder how much yoganidra, yogic sleep/relaxation, my already relaxed body can handle.

There is a “Sixth Tibetan” used in celibate monastic societies. This tantra exercise is to prevent the depletion of vital energy due to the loss of sexual fluids. The exercise is to control sexual urges, prevent ejaculation, and move sexual energy up the spine, transmuting it into spiritual power. I think it is time to add the Sixth Tibetan to my pantheon of strange gyrations.

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