Thursday, February 12, 2009

Niko, Fomai (Dr. Nick)

Today marks the start of my insane idea to measure body-mass, blood pressure, and blood sugar for the entire village. With the help of the Women’s Committee, I make house calls and have a clinic at their meetinghouse. Early results of primarily adult stay-at-home women show obesity to be the clear leader followed by hypertension and high blood sugar third. There are a couple of people with normal in all three categories.

In Samoan fashion there are women to care for my needs, including a lunch of hot dogs, fatty mutton, fatty salted beef, noodles, and rice with sweet tea as beverage, then rest. This is going to be a long several months.


Barb Carusillo said...

I am training for a half marathon here in Indy in May during which I hope to drop at least 15 pounds. Seems like I will pick that right back up again when we come to visit Samoa the week after if the diet is like you describe!

Anonymous said...

Hope you told the women that those food are nto good for them and to grow a kapisi, moli, tipoli gardens that will be good fo them. Safotu know that very well.