Saturday, February 7, 2009

Meal Planning


Planning your meals in a Samoan village is an oxymoron. Planning must exist but not in the way I can understand. For example, the last several nights I have been brought food late after I already made something for myself. Last night, I didn’t fix anything, nor did I get anything. During the hunger filled night, I dreamed of making a breakfast of eggs with freshly chopped basal, fresh tomatoes, Italian seasoning, and hot sauce accompanied with a side of buttered toast smothered with my own pineapple jam.

The next morning with eggs broken, herbs prepared, and bread in the toaster who should appear at my door but two women selling one of my favorite dishes fa’ausi*. How could I refuse them? I ate both.

* Fa’asui: made from grated taro baked in a Samoan oven (umu), cut into cubes, covered with a warm sugared coconut cream sauce, and served wrapped in banana leaves. Yummy!

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Barb Carusillo said...

Ya know, it may taste yummy but it looks kind of.....