Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Savaii Market


New Savaii Market

Opening Ceremony

For reason, unknown to me, but might be related to voting in the United Nations or a satellite tracking station, the Chinese fund and build with their own people some of the major building projects in Samoa. The latest is a new market complex on my island of Savaii. Today is the opening ceremony, attended by the Prime Minister, host of dignitaries, police, school groups, TV, and me. There are no shoppers for the market is not yet finished.

The market complex is really a wonder to behold. There are fountains, a bus terminal, sidewalks, globe streetlights, out buildings with beautiful wooden doors, and even a second level with numerous offices. The existing market can fit into one corner of the new structure. In fact, I think you could put all the people who live on Savaii into the new complex with room to spare.

One should not look a gift horse in the mouth, or is it a white elephant?


Anna said...

china is in it for all the fishing rights :)

Anonymous said...

The Prime Minister is playing foot and mouth under the table with the Chinese. I don't trust the Chinese, rest assure that American Samoa is there.