Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Build it. They will come.


For months I have been watching the construction of a new Catholic church in the neighboring village of Salelologa. The site is next to the old church, which hardly ever seemed to be filled. Who is crazier; they or we? At least they get eternal life; we get more expensive tickets to a sporting event.

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Jane said...

I so enjoy the way you give a picture of the culture there. That is so very interesting.
You must be referring to the new Twins dome here at home.
Paul tells me he is talking with you about a community garden. Being a gardenaholic, that thrills me. I meant to ask him if that will include a compost pile. 'Sounds like the ground could benefit from some soil conditioning, plus it is a nice way to recycle plant material. I will be there in late August. Can't wait to see some Samoan gardens and play in the dirt there.

Paul's Mom,