Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Progress Report: Month XXII


Health Fair & Clinic
Organizing this event took up most of my time this month. The challenges presented and the hurdles overcome were just details. All seemed to think it was a success. For me the most important result was the establishing a linkage between the National Health Service on Savaii and the island’s Peace Corp contingent for the continuation of what my tenure has started and even newer projects in the future.

Diabetes Testing
There was a hiatus in my individual testing of villages, soon to be reestablished in July.

Bathroom Scales
New Zealand AID came through with the approval of my proposal for twelve bathroom scales. These scales are to be part of a island wide weight control program in villages with Peace Corps Volunteers, the National Health Service, and the Ministry of Health.

New Primary School
Construction is underway with 20 –30 men working every day. The proposal for a fence to enclose the ten-acre sight is now in the hands of the Australian government. I still want to submit one more proposal to get funds to level the school grounds for student activities.

A more difficult task still remains to be done. A meeting needs to be arranged between the primary school principal and teachers with the school committee. It seems no thought has been given as to what is to go inside the school once it is built.

New Business Development
The person who made the Health Fair banners lives in a nearby village of Lalomalava. He also has an on going fabric printing business. I mentioned about making tee shirts to sell at the island’s resorts and how my earlier efforts could find no one to make the shirts. With money he earned from the banners, he plans to pursue this opportunity.

Final Goals
My desire to have my picture taken with the Minister of Health took a step backwards when she failed to attend the Health Fair. She is still in my crosshairs.
Expanding my testing and weight reduction programs as well as garden program to other Peace Corps is well underway.

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