Wednesday, June 10, 2009



As the Health Fair nears, the task becomes tenser of meshing the policies of the Samoan National Health Service with foreign funded health organizations. I think this is the first attempt to put them together at one event, if not under the same tent. Sex is the issue.

You can have skits about AIDS, but can’t pass out condoms. You can’t do PAPS smears because rumors may spread that clients are promiscuous. The taboos are numerous, but not as bad as Dana and Kate said about Texas laws and education.

Health Fair and Clinic Participants:
National Health Service- Nurses to test blood sugar and pressure
Red Cross
Kidney Foundation and Dialysis Center
Diabetes Association
Family Planning
AIDS Foundation
Animal Protection Society
Peace Corps

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marija said...

hi Nick, if you do not mind measking how about immunizations, how are they viewed and what is routinly given? Are they part of preventive services and how much they cost?
How are the activities around swine flu?