Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Niko’s School: A Village Project

Construction materials have arrived and the village men have been summoned to start construction on the new primary school. Today the job is to fill in the foundation space with rocks before concrete is poured. Most of the later work is to be done by a crew of 21 people; 9 from the island of Upolu, and 12 from our village. The workers live at a house at the construction site.

I have been told a stone monument is to be built as a testament to my service in getting the school for the village. This is a little more than I can handle, but who am I to refuse the thought anyway.


Barb Carusillo said...

It will be cool if this building could be all done and prettified before you go back home. It will be a great feeling though, if you go back to visit in the future, to point to it and say "I had a hand in that!".

Unknown said...


Thank You for creating, and constantly posting on this blog! I have followed your peace corps journey since the first time I was able to get on a computer once I returned home. You've made me feel like I was still volunteering in the village of Mauga, and as your goals manifest and your service draws near, I to feel as though I have accomplished and completed my service. Your the ideal volunteer, the one that figures out the journey was more about his development rather than others! Congrats on all your accomplishments, and may peace follow you on your new journey. Thank you for being a inspiration! Blessings, Safiya