Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Savaii Health Fair and Clinic


The two-day Health Fair of June 19-20 is, as they say, “History”. Over 74 people actively participated from seven organizations, including 19 nurses from the National Health Service, 17 Peace Corps Volunteers, and 30 entertainers. About 150 people were tested for diabetes and hypertension. Presentations were made on the Swine flu, breast-feeding, obesity, diabetes, and nutrition. In true Samoan tradition the program started late and finished early each day with a tropical downpour putting a real damper on Saturday’s program. Venders were great setting up tents and supplying equipment as promised. But again in true Samoan traditional there was food, music, dancing, and no worries about what so ever.

I felt the most important aspect of the program was letting the National Health Service see Peace Corps Volunteers in action. I was asked by them if more joint projects could take place. Follow-up meetings were scheduled to take advantage of Peace Corps talents and energy.

Plaza Area in front of New Salelologa Market

Setup and ready to go

Niafoua Asiata,
Head Nurse of Savaii Hopsitals.
Once she came on board, things really happened.

Got to eat before we can do anything.
This was a real healthy but untypical meal.

Nurses testing

Nurses dancing

Plaza fountain.
Wind blew all the water out of it.

Youth Group from Iva Congregational Church with a “Say No to Drugs, Yes to Jesus” 30-minute dance routine. They were great!

Roselinda Wong and Jim Metz doing some Samoan dancing.

Erin Jenkins trying to teach Rosie Wong the “Red Hibiscus” dance number, if only she could remember how to do it.

Peace Corps Participants: Day 2
Front row: Elizabeth "Elisa" Gartley, Hannah "Ane" Siemering, Erin "Lini" Jenkins, Rosalinda, "Rosalina" Wong, Briony "Leone" Donahue
Back row: Benjamin "Peniamina" Griffin, Paul " Paulo" Reinking, Anthony "Antonio" Della Posta, Philip "Filipo" Owen, Nicholas "Niko" Shuraleff, James "Semi" Metz

Peace Corps Participants: Not Pictured
Trent "Leni" Lobdell,
Spencer ”Simi" Narron
Jennifer "Sieni" Koch
Benjamin "Peni" Harding
Blakey "Peti" Larsen
Supachart "Suapi" Tauthong


Barb Carusillo said...

Congratulations, you got it done!!
No small feat to organize an event like that. It sounds like you had some good numbers of folks come despite the downpour. Good job, all of you!

Teri said...

The health fair sounds like a great success, dad. Congratulations on a job well done!