Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An Alien World


I feel like I am living in an alien world. Not the world of the Samoans, but the non-Samoan world, what I use to call “My World”. My contacts with “My World” seem distant and removed, almost relevant, to my daily life.

The Peace Corps has successfully done its job. I am now firmly established at my assigned village. In a way, I am like a child who appreciates their monthly living allowance and knows they are ready to come to my rescue if needed, but am happy they are far away.

My fellow Peace Corps comrades are a great group and fun during those times we are together, but they are scattered throughout the country. Although they are very accommodating, their language of pop culture and future careers uses different words than I know.

Without the constant bombardment of news, water cooler gossip, or dialogues with old friends, my past frames of reference no longer hold true. It is as if unknowingly I have crossed an invisible line out of “My World” into another world. I don’t understand this new world in which I find myself, but I seem to oddly fit.

Mary hasn’t crossed this Rubicon. Maybe she never will. Maybe her visit to Minnesota over the holidays helped her to maintain or reconnect to the world “back there”. She may be the Flying Nun who helps me return to “My World” when our tour is finished. Until that time, hold on tightly Mary, we still have lots of flying yet to do!

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Anonymous said...

Might I suggest a little Reality at ? or one of your other favorite sites. Your not that far out there Nick, I know your right on the other side of this computer monitor. See you soon.