Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Austrian Visitors

Act 1

While staying in the Savaii resort village of Manase and conducting T-shirt market research at the resorts, I met Kia and Mani , a young couple from Austria, who have been traveling since early December to New Zealand, Tonga, and now Samoa. They were nice enough to participate for two hours of my research. I invited them to stop and visit us. Sure enough they took me at my word and appeared two days later to spend the night.

I think they really enjoyed staying with us and living in a rural village. They plan to come back for the weekend.

Act 2

Austrian Visitors Return

True to their word, our overnight Austrian guests, Kia and Mani, returned to stay for another two nights. What a wonderful couple they are, ready to try almost anything.

During the three days away, they:
Climbed Mt. Silisili, Samoa’s highest peak of 1,800 meters (6,000) feet in one day. Usually a two day climb for good climbers, three days for many. Their guide, who was expecting a two-day trek, left them stranded on a lava field on their way down. He said his job was to only take them to the top.
Slept overnight in a huge Banyan tree (Canopy Walkway).
Saw the Alofa Blowholes.
Went two times around Savaii on a bus.
Went to Afu Aau Waterfalls and Tia Seu Burial Mounds.
Any one of these activities would test a traveler.
As if they hadn’t punished them selves enough, they came back to visit us.

While with us:
We found a nightclub on Savaii and danced a good part of the night away.
I had to tell the Samoan men that Kia was my daughter, but even that did not stop them. Beer, hormones, and a pretty girl can make many a man go crazy.

Ever willing to try new adventures, we dressed in Palm Sunday costumes and did church. Mani and I actually went twice!

The best times for Mary and me was just sitting around, sharing our life experiences (Theirs seemingly more than ours). It was sad for all that they had to continue on their journey. We have their Austrian address and an invitation to visit them. We warned them to be careful with their invitations. They say the wine there is very good. We all know that Mary will go anywhere for a good glass of wine.

Mani & Kia, Austria

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Barb Carusillo said...

These two will have some really interesting stories to tell their grandchildren, as do you!