Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mayor Reappointed


Back on January 14th I wrote about our nervousness over whether the village mayor would be reappointed. The mayor is our contact with the Samoan government, the head of our Peace Corps Committee, and is the host family where we live. His not being reappointed by the Village Council of Matais would mean significant changes in our life. We thought that his reappointment was a simple matter. However, like most things we are experiencing, what we think happens, what does happen, and our understanding seldom relate to one another.

It seems the mayor has been reappointed. His friends’ submitted papers to the government with the appropriate signatures of village chiefs then left for a three-week trip to New Zealand. Before leaving to get money from his relatives, he borrowed a significant amount from us to pay for a large meal and payments to the village Matais as a thank you for extending his term another three years. (Loan to be repaid upon returning from New Zealand.)

The great thing about politics worldwide is forget the rhetoric, just follow the money.

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