Sunday, March 30, 2008



To the casual Samoan visitor one would think with all the roosters crowing, hens clucking, and chicks beeping that Samoans are awash in their own poultry meat and eggs. As many things in this convoluted world, such is not the case. Outside of the infrequent chicken, which happens to end up in the stew pot, Samoans import the chicken and eggs they eat.

The imported chicken or more correctly the hindquarters, for the exporting countries eat the breasts, comes frozen and is like the chicken you would by at your local supermarket. Eggs, maybe not so.

Eggs are sold un-refrigerated. One never has any idea how long they have been sitting on the store shelf. But not to worry, because eggs are naturally sterile and since the hens have not had the pleasure of being near a rooster, there are no little chicks greeting you when you crack them open. Still it would be nice to see an egg with a little firm albumen surrounding a lightly colored yoke.

Why then do Samoans have chickens? Chickens eat bugs. Also if you are really hungry or broke, they are available for the catching. Since chickens roam freely, nest in the bush, and feed themselves, they are relatively carefree. Problems do arise when these feathered friends decide to scratch for bugs in your vegetable garden.

Please excuse me. Right now I need a rock because a hen and her chicks are in my cabbage.

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Teri said...

Interesting about the roaming chickens. One wonders where the eggs end up. Perhaps they are all fertilized and hatch into little ones. Maybe I'm naive about such things, but I have to wonder how difficult it would be to isolate some of the chickens to prevent fertilization and collect the fresh eggs for eating...