Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dawn of Tomorrow

There is a weird feeling that comes over you when you are able to look at tomorrow. This is what happened to Mary and me, along with our friends Paul and Renee, as we stood early in the morning on the western most part of Savaii which is just to the east of the International Date Line. When you look out you see clouds and sea that are one day, 23 hours, ahead of you. When the sun sets, it is setting in tomorrow.

There is something mystical about “out there”, tomorrow. Even before the International Date Line was created, Samoans knew there is a force “out there”. It is the force of Nafanua, the legendary Samoan warrior who was thought to be a man by the enemy until her lava lava came off in battle. Cyclones come from “out there”. “Out there” can be a dangerous place.

The great feeling about looking at tomorrow is thou the clouds are dark and the weather maybe stormy, there is a hole through which light and the promise of better times can be seen.

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Barb Carusillo said...

This is a neat reflection....has to be a weird feeling, knowing the dateline is just out there, and it is tomorrow there. I imagine you will miss Paul and Renee, since they are the other couple, and closer in age and seasoning than the youthful volunteers. Hopefully no more ETs from your great group 78!