Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Everything’s Broken


One can quickly come to the conclusion that Samoans really don’t care about stuff. There is so much broken stuff. There is some truth to that observation. However, on closer inspection one realizes that Samoa is at the end of the stuff chain. They either get stuff of very low quality, breaking quickly, and rather expensive by Samoan standards, or cannot be repaired because lack of parts or expertise. The stuff collects as there is no place to put it, kept in hopes that someday it can be repaired, or never used as a way to protect against it breaking.

A certain mental paralysis begins when you expect that whatever you get soon shall be trash. You begin to accept what you see happening repeatedly as normal. The misfortunes of others become your accepted way of life. Of course, the propensity to rush to judgment applies to all aspects of living. Sometimes one needs to be reminded that for everything there is a reason, even if you can’t accept it or see it.

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