Monday, April 27, 2009



Who, me?

The continuation of the Samoan family and its connection to the family’s land is an important part of Samoan culture. To insure this connection, the first grandchild is often “adopted” by the grandparents to live and be raised by them on the ancestral land. The child’s parents typically may live abroad or away, essentially giving up the child's rearing to the grandparents.

This practice confused both Mary and me as we wondered how our own host family’s daughter seemed to easily leave her first born (Scabies Baby) and the family’s first grandchild with the grandmother who claimed the child as her own. While other grandchildren may move away, the first grandchild becomes a permanent resident on the family land, just as his ancestors before him.

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Barb Carusillo said...

I guess they would have to do something like that to keep Samoa from turning into ghost villages as all the young people move abroad. Sara and Cale, in case you are really embracing all things Samoan, we are not raising your first child. Just in case this ever comes up.....
Though, Annette has a farm...