Monday, April 27, 2009

The Snail Huntress


Giant African Snails are an invasive animal in Samoa causing tremendous destruction in parts of this island paradise. In Jenny Koch’s village of Tufutafoe they are particularly numerous. These snails seem to eat only those things that people eat and can destroy the urge to garden.

Alas, Samoa now has the Snail Huntress, a.k.a. Jenny Koch, to hunt down these creatures and put them in salt water where their precious bodily fluids are slowly sapped from their slimy bodies. Jenny hopes this technique serves as a deterrent to others to stay away from her own garden plot.

Every problem presents an opportunity and Jenny is seeking ways to market the briny snail carcasses. Who knows maybe some day, you may be paying a lot of money for a delicious platter of African Snail. Jenny is currently looking for some taste testers.
Snail Huntress, a.k.a. Jenny Koch (80)

A slow death for snails in salt water.

African Snail shells and a foot

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Anonymous said...

I heard someone was bringing snails to be on the main of their restaurants, stupid idea, they outta shoot that person.