Monday, April 27, 2009

Testing Road Trip


The people in very remote villages rarely are tested or go to the hospital. With help of Peace Corps Volunteers, over 200 people now know about their blood sugar and pressure, as well as weight and its relation to general health.

Village of Neiafu/Ben Harding, Peace Corps (Group 78)
At three different sites and in people’s homes, one hundred fifty people were tested. Ben did an outstanding job in organizing this event with pastors and women’s committees. He had posters about nutrition and ways to reduce the risk of diabetes and hypertension. Spencer Narron (Group 80) from the Village of Falealupo rode his bike ten hot and hilly miles to assist.

Ben Harding (78) talking about nutrition and weight control.

Spencer Narron (80) doing blood pressure and me princking a finger.

Village of Tufutafoe/Jenny Koch (Group 80)
Jenny quickly organized the Women’s Committee for testing in her small village. Again Spencer Narron rode his bike the three miles to do blood pressure readings. Jenny quickly learned how to get blood out of callused fingers and measure blood sugar. With the Women’s Committee serving what seemed to be a constand stream of food, fifty people were tested.

Jenny Koch (80) testing blood sugar with Spencer Narron (80)

Food break before we get started in Tufutafoe.

View from Women's Committee House in Tufutafoe.

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