Monday, April 27, 2009

Progress Report: Month XX


This has been a double “X” month with no more X’s to be added.
Here are a few of the many balls I have in the air:

Diabetes Testing and Health Education
I have tested over 700 people for blood sugar and pressure, as well as Body Mass Index for most. The impact is huge since this is the first time most people have been tested or weighed. I plan to follow up with a weight control program for most groups and hope Peace Corps in their own villages continue with an education program about the relationship of weight to health.

I have gotten approval from the principle of the high school to provide some additional education with the science and home econ teachers.

There is no word yet on my grant proposal for 12 scales. Without them, it is hard to see how a weight control program has a chance. The amount is $640 USD.

Happily gardens are flourishing with other Peace Corps and in neighboring villages. I have turned a large part of my own garden into a seed factory to supply much needed seeds for others. I have a couple of extra garden forks and plan to use them as prizes to continue momentum.

Primary School
The village is waiting for materials from JICA, the Japanese funding agency. JICA is delayed due to a staff shortage. Meanwhile many of the village elders are in New Zealand, including the mayor, to hit the people with Iva titles for their contribution. I have authority to sign for them while they are away.

Sewing Machines
Lessons have started again at the house of the Women’s Committee President, but no one showed up. As long as she continues to keep the machines locked up at her house, I am sure the women of the village would rather do without than to have to deal with her.

Bread Baking
Delayed over Easter and my own schedule, soon to be held this coming Monday and the pastor’s house.

Small Business
The young owner of the DVD rental store has taken a loan to repaint. She continues to save her money for a trip to the U.S. Presently; the chosen color is out of stock.

Savaii Health Fair
I have arranged dates (June 12-13) for a health fair at Savaii’s new market with its manager. Neither he nor I understand just what might be inside this Pandora’s box.
Already professional musicians from Apia have volunteered to be part of the entertainment. I envision a “Fair” with tables for various health organizations, testing stations, food, game, dance and song. I think I may not have fully described what I plan to do with the market’s manager. I am in the process of getting volunteers to help save me.

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Barb Carusillo said...

Your still getting a lot done even though the light is at the end of the tunnel as far as when your group finishes. You are definitely not a lame duck!