Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Call 911


“There’s a fire on the dance floor. Call 911” is the name of the song pulsating with the group of Savaii Peace Corps and some young Samoans from my village as we danced the night away at Kokonuts Night Club in Salelologa. This marks my farewell Peace Corps bacchanal. For the Samoans, Kokonuts is their first venture into a nightclub. The lead singer is a friend of mine, dedicating many songs and tributes to me. Yes, “Niko is in the House”, just a wild and crazy guy.

Note: A Savaii nightclub is like no other, half roadhouse, half, dancehall, and half a place to legally have a drink. Men outnumber women about 10 to 1. For those men unable to find a female dance partner, they either dance wildly by themselves, with each other, or with a male-female, departing into the night with whomever they danced.

Kokonuts Band

Jm Metz and Rosalina Kapeli (from my house family)

Nick Shuraleff and Jenny Koch

Spencer Narron and Trent Lobdell

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