Monday, August 24, 2009

Leaving Samoa and Peace Corps


The plane banks to the east heading for Australia and the Philippines where it is already tomorrow today. For the first time I see Samoa from the air. There is the “Jewel of the Pacific” all green and lush, surrounded by a ring of white waves and turquoise lagoons. Then it is swallowed by the immensity of the sea, ending my life as a Peace Corps Volunteer, beginning my life trying to digest all that has happened.

I don’t feel sad, but glad to have had the good fortune to participate in this grand adventure, glad to be included with the cream of America’s youth. Now I must answer the well-intentioned questions of others seeking to sample part of my experience. Soon all that I will have left are a few souvenirs from Samoans to be placed on my wall, trophies of the contest, and memories of the Good Old Days.

July, 2007

July, 2009

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Barb Carusillo said...

A few pounds lighter, a few millenium wiser.