Monday, August 24, 2009

The Philippines: Fiesta Day 1


Each town has a Catholic Church. Each Catholic Church has a patron saint. Each patron saint has a day during which a two-day celebration occurs. Day 1 has a parade of high school drum, glockenspiel, and dance corps; groups of teachers, senior citizens, and civil employees; and the military with live machine guns. There then follows competition between the high school groups on the main plaza. The night has a dance on the plaza where seated at paid tables around the plaza sit the gentry as hundreds of spectators watch the politicians throw money in the air as they dance to the Curcha Mayor. Occasionally the band plays a cha-cha or tango as other couples strut their stuff while fireworks light the night sky. I left at 1:00 am, as the night was just beginning for many.

A high school group lead by Number One, followed by a the main corps.

Marchers do a step with a limp, not an easy way to walk.

Groups stop along the way to perform their numbers. Girls all wear heavy makeup no matter what the age.

A group performing before the judges on the town plaza.

"The White House", Delores City Hall.

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