Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Welcome Back


On the three legs of my return flights from the Philippines, my whole being begged for someone to ask, to understand, to recognize what an incredible Peace Corps adventure I just experienced. I listened to a Japanese businessman talk about his difficulties in consulting with Americans about advances the rest of the world made made over the past 40 years on nuclear power plant construction. I sat next to numerous travelers absorbed in their own electronic worlds. At the Seattle airport, the immigration officer asked me the routine questions about where I had been and what I was doing. As he stamped my passport for re-entry, he quietly said "Welcome Back". He knew. He had been in a similar situation, maybe as a solider. I almost cried.


Jennifer Niemeier said...

Welcome home Nick! I have really enjoyed reading about your adventures and I am amazed at all you did!!!

David McKeen said...

Welcome home Nick! I agree with Jennifer, I have enjoyed the ride.

Andrea Rufener said...

Welcome back Uncle Nick! And see you in March 2010!