Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fia’s Sprayer


There is difficulty in deciding who gets what of my stuff. For my garden sprayer, the best in the South Pacific, it had to go to Fia. She is a mother with at least four little kids and the only person in Iva who actually raises vegetables for living. I have worked with her for the past two years.

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jane reinking said...

What a great choice. That should be a big help to her. I gather folks there don't take to gardening all that much and just I don't get it. All that sun and rain. I'd be in my glory. Back at home here, the gardens are just starting to produce nice tomatoes and I've had a glut of cukes (to give away). The squash are just beautiful and the pole beans have blossoms. It is summer at its finest. email - jrofmn@comcast.net